AS / A Level - Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour covering a wide range of topics including; the workings of the brain, memory, group behaviour, child development and psychological disorders. It can also be applied in wider settings such as; mental health, sport, education and forensics.

Specific requirements

You must have the minimum grades of a B and two Cs in English Language, Maths and Science.


What will I study?

AS Year involves:

  • Studying six different areas within Psychological enquiry, which raise interesting issues, and debate topics in the subject.
  • From cognitive psychology we examine the ideas behind how we remember things and how to improve our memory.
  • The study of developmental psychology introduces the concept of attachment,
  • and how childhood can be affected by disruption to their attachment bonds.
  • You will examine why people conform and obey, within a social influence topic, along with examining the nature of psychological disorders.

A2 Year involves:

  • A focus on applied areas of interest such as Relationships, Gender, Aggression, Eating Behaviour and Schizophrenia
  • You will also develop your skills that are linked to conducting and analysing research


  • 100% exam in both AS and A2.

Where does it lead

Psychology can help to prepare you for a wide range of Higher Education courses and careers. For example, Psychology is useful for all types of teaching, nursing and social work. Psychology can lead to a career as a research scientist, not to mention the obvious careers as clinical, educational, occupational, health and counselling psychologists.

Exam board: AQA Psychology 'A'