AS / A Level - Psychology

A Level Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour covering a wide range of topics including the workings of the brain, memory, group behaviour, child development and psychological disorders. It can also be applied in wider settings such as mental health, sport, education and forensics.

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Specific requirements

You must have the minimum grades of a B and two Cs in English Language, Maths and Science.


What will I study?

AS Psychology Year involves:

  • Studying 15 core studies that are either classics in psychology or raise interesting issues and debates in the subject
  • The way children develop, learn and think, memory and language, brain functioning, sleep and dreaming
  • Why we conform or obey and help others in a group
  • The nature of psychological disorders and addictive behaviour
  • Conducting and analysing practical investigations in psychology

A2 Psychology Year involves:

  • A focus on two areas of applied psychology from options such as health and clinical psychology, sport and exercise, education and forensic psychology
  • Understanding research methodology and designing investigations
  • Understanding the theoretical approaches, issues and debates in psychology


  • 100% exam in both AS and A2

Where does it lead

Psychology can help to prepare you for a wide range of Higher Education courses and careers. For example, Psychology is useful for all types of teaching, nursing and social work. Studying Psychology is relevant to any job that involves working directly with people (such as human resources, marketing, customer relations). Psychology can lead to a career as a research scientist, not to mention the obvious careers as clinical, educational, occupational, health and counseling psychologists.

Exam board: OCR specification