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Career Ready

career readyThe Career Ready programme, launched in September 2009 is part of a nationwide scheme helps to raise the aspirations of students intending to follow a career in Business, computing, Finance or Economics by working in partnership with local employers.


Students joining the Blackpool Sixth Career Ready benefit from:

  • A 4-6 week, paid internship with a local employer during the summer or other dedicated weeks throughout the year.
  • Special employer-led lectures, seminars and company visits.
  • One-to-one mentoring by an experienced employee volunteer.
  • Networking opportunities with other Career Ready students around the UK.

If your organisation can offer support for our Career Ready by offering internships or by being business mentors, please contact Sarah Whittaker, at or 01253 307094.

The Career Ready is broken down in to 4 key areas:

1) Master Classes

A master class deliverer is someone who volunteers to talk to a group of 16 to 19-year-old Career Ready students in their classroom. By sharing their business expertise and experiences,aster class deliverers complement other teaching resources, enhance the knowledge of Career Ready teachers and help to ground the curriculum in the real – and current – world of work.

2) Summer Internships

The ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Career Ready model is the internship, which takes place in the summer between the two years of the course. Employers provide ideally a four-six week paid work placement, based on a standard working hour week in a real operating environment and aiming to use the skills and knowledge the student has learned in college.

3) Mentors

Partners in Business are employee volunteers who provide Career Ready students with one-to-one support with coursework and life skills. They act as a role model, critical friend and advisor. Partners in Business meet their student about 8-10 times over 18 months. Each meeting lasts approximately an hour and a half and is an opportunity to help the student:

  • Reflect on recent coursework; reinforcing classroom learning with real life examples
  • Expand their understanding of business culture and workplace etiquette
  • Practise employability skills such as time management, problem solving, CV writing or interview techniques
  • Widen their network of business contacts for the future.

4) Work place visits, seminars and workshops

What makes the Career Ready programme come alive for students, apart from excellent teaching, is the input they receive from a range of employer-led visits and seminars, related to course content. Topic possibilities are virtually endless. Recent sessions have included corporate social responsibility, world trade and economics, an introduction to financial law and CV writing. In the past 3 years students have been able to visit the offices and H/O of Lloyds TSB, Royal Mail, Pacific Life RE, Co-operative, Department for Work & Pensions and Accenture.