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Politics society

Who should enrol onto the Politics Society?

To access this society you should ideally be studying subjects in the areas of Humanities, English and Economics

What activities can you expect to experience?

  • Participation in the Model United Nations weekend: This involves researching international issues, writing UN resolutions, presenting and debating these resolutions in committees over a weekend at Joseph Chamberlain College, Birmingham.
  • Organising visits by local MPs / candidates: We encourage members of the society to contact MPs /candidates and help organise visits to speak to our society
  • Student led presentations on national and international issues: Members are expected to prepare and present researched thoughts on issues leading to group discussion and debate to aid oral presentation and confidence

You will develop the following skills:

  • Oral communication and confidence
  • Team work
  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Responsibility

You will develop the following skills:

All the skills and knowledge gained from this society will support your university application to Humanities, English and Economics degrees.