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Debating Society

Who should join the Debating Society?

You should join the Debating Society if are interested in current affairs at a national and international level. You will want to develop your discursive skills and be happy to share your ideas with others. You are open to other people’s viewpoints and enjoy listening to others, especially if their ideas challenge your worldview. Whilst you may enjoy the public performance of debate, you also enjoy researching ideas.

What will you do as a member of the Debating Society?

As well as engaging with ‘the big questions’, we enjoy games, fun debates and more serious ones when we are preparing for competition. We take part in the English Speaking Union’s Mace competition and follow their rules of debate in our own in-house competitions. Whilst it is important that you have an opinion, research is an important part of debate, and in order to perform well in a debate you have to not only prepare your own arguments but be aware of the opposition’s ideas too.

You will develop the following employability skills:

Organisation, meeting deadlines, working within, and managing, a team, thinking on your feet and developing your public speaking skills and confidence in front of others are essential employability skills debating will help develop. Debating teaches you skills which can help you develop the self- confidence and mental agility needed to make your points and win arguments.

How will the Debating Society help me with my future plans?

The skills you will acquire can be applied to many areas in Higher Education and employment. You will show that you are prepared to be a part of a community and contribute to the life of an organisation. Organisations value those who can construct arguments in a logical manner, listen and positively criticise ideas. They also hold in high esteem those who are independent thinkers who can also work as part of a team with a common goal.