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History Society

The Humanities 6Advance is aimed at students with an interest in their local history and environment.  Humanities 6Advance aims to improve your employability skills by giving you the opportunities to conduct research on a range of issues and topics (such as the £20 million Blackpool Museum), co-ordinating and managing projects, and promoting awareness of local history and issues with school pupils.

Who should take Humanities 6 Advance?

Students who are looking to improve their applications to the top universities. Students who are interested in a career in teaching.  The Humanities allow students to access jobs directly relating to their degree or a wide range of non-specialist graduate-level jobs.

You will develop the following employability skills:

  • Public speaking, debating and communication
  • Teamwork
  • Research and archive skills
  • Leadership
  • Independent working

What will this 6Advance lead to after Blackpool Sixth?

All of the skills and knowledge gained from the programme will support students in their application to study any Humanities degree course at university.  The 6 Advance is designed to support students in gaining work experience and skills needed to gain an offer of a place on their chosen course.

What activities can I expect to experience?

Autumn term

  • Medieval halls in Lancashire
  • Research: The Pendle Witches and Salmesbury Witches
  • Lancaster research and castle visit
  • Medieval Poulton talk and heritage trail
  • Roman Britain and Ribchester visit
  • Write for rights – Amnesty International campaign

Spring term

  • Family history – use of online archives
  • Blackpool research and ‘Blackpool Dungeon’ visit
  • Blackpool Museums visit, archive research task on a controversial issue, and public debate

Summer term

  • Harris Museum
  • Hoghton Tower
  • Clitheroe Castle
  • Visits and workshops to local primary schools