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FYi – Library & Resources

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The FYi is our fully-equipped Library and Learning Resource Centre

Our state-of-the-art facilities have been carefully designed to aid your learning in a modern and comfortable environment.  You will find a quiet, welcoming library stocked with all the books and magazines you’ll need, both for your courses and for leisure reading.  We strongly encourage all our students to read: we offer a range of book clubs, including manga – and we also encourage you to try writing for yourself in our Creative Writing Group.  Make sure to check your library account and catalogue here:

The FYi also contains our computer suite, so it’s a great place to access your Google Drive, where you will store all your assignments and homework, and all the resources your tutors will provide for you.  The FYi staff are here to help you manage your Google Drive, and also help you make the most of your iPad and/or other mobile devices.  There is unlimited wifi access.

We are Grade 1: Excellent accredited by the Council for Learning Resources in College (CoLRiC).

You will also find lots of space to study, both in the Library and the computer suite, so you are welcome at any time during the day, both at lunchtime and during your directed study periods.

Please note that we do not allow food and drink in the FYi (with the exception of bottled water).  We also ask students to make mobile phone calls outside the centre.

You can get in touch by emailing: or you can follow us on Twitter @FYiBlackpool6th

Opening Hours

The FYi Learning Centre is open each weekday in term-time 8.00am to 5.30pm.

It is closed during half terms apart from during the Easter, May half-term, and for some weeks in the summer holidays (as announced), when it is open 8.30pm to 4.30pm.

FYi Resources

  • Extensive non-fiction library
  • Fiction library
  • 125 open access Apple Macs
  • 20 loanable laptops for use in the FYi
  • Reviews, journals, magazines – for music, sport, fashion, and sciences
  • Quality daily newspapers
  • E-resourcessee our FYi Digital page
  • DVDs
  • Black/white and colour printing
  • Study skills advice and guidance 


We offer a broad range of fiction and curriculum-based books and DVDs for loan. Students can borrow up to 20 items for an initial 2-week loan. To issue a book, all we need is your student card.  We automatically enrol you as a member when you join Blackpool Sixth, so you can start borrowing straightaway.  We will gladly recommend books for your next reading adventure, so just ask!

We will charge you 5p per item per day for late items. Your loans can be renewed, either at the FYi counter or via email. You can reserve or order books at the counter.


We have 125 Apple Macs for individual study and 20 laptops for use within the FYi. The FYi staff will help you make effective use of the internet and our e-resources to assist you in your work. Additionally, staff will help you find the best information on the web to support your studies. Due to high demand for computers, they must only be used for college work. We also offer digital literacy training to help you make the most of your internet research skills.

The FYi Team

We have Learning Resource Mentors available in the FYi at all times with specific curriculum knowledge to help you research your assignments. The members of the FYi team are:

Debbi Hodson Head of Learning Resources and Directed Study
Helen Crowther Library Manager
Gill Hellewell Study Adviser
 Julie Halliwell Study Adviser
Amy Shakeshaft Study Adviser
Kelly Garrett Learning Resources Assistant

What we do

We provide you with the skills, resources, and tools to develop your research and information-gathering techniques and to support you in your studies.  We make sure you can make progress during each directed study time you have with us, and help you with revision, university entry, and all kinds of enquiries.  We know everything!

Our expectations

The FYi Learning Resource Centres have been designed as modern, comfortable and adaptable spaces for you to concentrate on your studies. We ask all students to respect the areas and to respect others’ need to study in a pleasant and calm environment. Food and drink are not allowed in the FYi, bottled water is fine. Please keep mobile phones on silent at all times in the FYi and go outside if you need to make or take a call.


Please click on the links below to view our loan or collection policies.

FYi library loan policy