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Library catalogue and accounts

Our Library system is called Access-It. You can access both the catalogue, and your own library account, from the link below. You can also browse books just returned, recommendations, and latest new books, and reserve them if you wish.

Check your own library account by clicking ‘Guest’. Login with your usual computer username and password. You can see all your loans, renew your books, set alerts for new books coming in, and write reviews. Never miss a return date again!

Here’s some video help    

Full home 24 hour access

All our FYi online databases

These are online resources the contents of which Google won’t find for you. Lots of colleges and universities use these, and you’ll find something to suit every subject you study. If you need help accessing or using these databases, just ask a member of the FYi staff. We can help!










A huge database of articles on every subject you can think of:

  • Arts
  • Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Ecology
  • Business
  • Health Sciences
  • Language
  • Literature
  • Maths
  • Music
  • 2000 journals
  • 50 million pages
  • 3 million pages digitised every year

So there should be something for you! Just type what you need in the search box. To visit JSTOR, please click here.


ebraryEbrary is the library’s collection of free e-books – it’s a mixture of textbooks and items on specific topics. Read the ‘Getting Started’ stuff to get the best results (there are also videos to help you). To visit Ebrary, please click here.


This is an add-on to the Ebrary section:

Here are quick links to textbooks available through Ebrary:

AQA Biology A Level Student Book 1

AQA Biology A Level Student Book 2

AQA Chemistry A Level Student Book 1

AQA Chemistry A Level Student Book 2

Essential Maths Skills for AS/A Level Chemistry

AQA Physics A Level Student Book 1

AQA Physics A Level Student Book 2

AQA Psychology A Level Book 1

AQA Psychology A Level Book 2

Psychology : The Science of Mind and Behaviour (7th Ed)

Essential Maths Skills for AS/A Level Psychology

AQA Sociology for A Level Book 1

AQA Sociology for A Level Book 2

AQA A Level PE Book 1 : Year 1

AQA A Level PE Book 2 : Year 2

OCR A Level Computer Science

Edexcel Business Studies Theme 1 : Marketing and People

European Newsstream


European Newsstream is an archive of all the UK national and regional newspapers, many of which have twenty years’ worth of stories and articles. (There are also French, German and Spanish newspapers available: if you’re practicing your language skills for these subjects, this is a quick and easy way to access these papers.)
You can search by keyword or by newspaper, and refine your searches to particular time periods. The archive has all the latest papers daily, so is right up-to-date. To visit European Newsstream please click here.

E-law Student

E-Law Student



This is for A level law students, and those looking for case law for health and social care. You can find cases, articles, news, cases, statutes – all of which can be used in preparing excellent essays and exam answers. The database is fully searchable, and there is also a useful lexicon for tricky law definitions: good for getting the terminology right! To visit E-Law student, please click here.

Vogue Magazine Archive





This is an archive of all the Vogue magazines that there have ever been!  It is fully searchable, has all the articles and images you could ever want, and is a great resources for Fashion and English Language students:  it is a history of 20th and 21st century fashion, as well as a way of studying how language has changed. Brilliant, just brilliant!  If you’re using this from home, you’ll be asked for a username and password.  Just use your normal college login. To visit the Vogue Magazine Archive, please click here.

Access in college only

Issues Online

Issues Online

This is a database for social issues – crime, drugs, health, education, poverty – and is fully searchable either through keywords, or by category.  You’ll get newspaper articles, press releases, facts and statistics – all up-to-date.  We have the book versions of these as well, which you can find on our Library catalogue.

To visit Issues Online, please click here.

Find My Past

Find my past logos.indd


Researching family history?  You can now do this for free with ‘Find My Past’.  It contains all kinds of census information, military records, school records, births, marriages and deaths, and is easy to use – who knows who you’ll find? To visit Find My past, please click here. Just ask FYi staff if you would like any help.  Contact for the username and password.

Full 24-hour home access with username and password only available from your teacher or from

English Magazine




Just for A Level Language and Literature students!  there are lots of resources – articles, videos, news, competitions – designed to help you write perfect essays, and get your head round new concepts. It’s also great research for A2 coursework: it’s the best place to get started for all your concepts, studies, and evidence. Get your student login details from Helen Crowther or from your tutor. To visit EMC English Magazine, please click here.

Media Magazine




Just for A level media and BTEC creative media production. A fantastic resource for theory (male gaze, participation, etc), coursework, documentary, filming, case studies, CGI, drama – you name it, it’s here. There are loads of articles and videos which are written by teachers and guest contributors from the industry. You’ll love it! Get your student login details from Helen Crowther or from your tutor. To visit EMC Media Magazine, please click here. 

Social media

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