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Hearing impairment

A student who has hearing difficulties or is deaf has the equal right to a provision that meets their individual needs.

All support is specific to the individual, and before you start at college, meetings are held with you to establish your individual needs and preferences, so that provisions can be in place as soon as possible. One to one meetings continue weekly or monthly to check that you are happy in College and progressing well.

How can we help?

We have excellent IT facilities available, including the use of a laptop or computer to facilitate email communication between you and your tutors. All staff and students are allocated an email account and are available to discuss essays, subject content and other more general queries. Some classrooms, public halls and reception areas are fitted with a T-Loop System and others with a Soundfield System. You will also be given the option of a vibrating personal fire alarm. We understand that other provision may be necessary and would pledge to work with you to identify what systems are required.


  • The sorts of support you may be able to receive in order for you to access your learning may be:
  • A communicator in BSL / SSE
  • A note taker
  • The use of agreed rooms
  • Transcripts of DVDs
  • Use of radio aid
  • A laptop


Dedicated staff and students run a ‘friendly’ table throughout the lunch period. There are also buddy mentors who are students who you can meet up with to introduce you to new friends and help you to settle in.

Recreational/Enrichment activities

You are encouraged to try a variety of recreational / enrichment activities in order to enjoy every aspect of College life. A recreation / enrichment activity is compulsory for all Lower Sixth students. Negotiation would take place between the tutor of the chosen recreation, and the Additional Support Coordinator to ensure the activity can take place safely.

Independence skills

If necessary, part of your Learning Agreement could involve developing independence skills including shopping, travelling and money management

Exam access arrangements

Subject to an assessment, the college can apply for special exam considerations, please click here for further information.