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Learning difficulties

Specific Learning Difficulties is an umbrella term that includes Dyspraxia, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.

At Blackpool Sixth, our aim is to support you in making the most of your opportunities, to help you to develop strategies to work around and overcome the effects of your condition.

Every student with specific learning difficulties is unique and has a different pattern of strengths and difficulties. We use an experimental approach to new strategies; giving them a try and then evaluating how useful they are.

How can we help?

Students with identified specific learning difficulties may be allocated an Additional Support Teacher.  You may need regular 1:1 support, or a small study group. Professional Assessments are often used and support updated accordingly.


Strategies and equipment to help you access your lessons may include:

  • Hand-outs available in different sizes or colours
  • The use of a laptop computer
  • The use of special software e.g. Inspiration
  • A coloured overlay, following assessment.
  • A Dictaphone
  • A spellchecker
  • Texts read back by the computer
  • Visual ‘key cards’ to support learning of key words and facts
  • Extra support at key coursework times, to help with planning and organising
  • Readers or note-takers in lessons and / or exams.


Dedicated staff and students run a ‘friendly’ table throughout the lunch period. There are also buddy mentors who are students who you can meet up with to introduce you to new friends and help you to settle in.

Recreational/Enrichment Activities

You are encouraged to try a variety of recreational / enrichment activities in order to enjoy every aspect of College life. A recreation / enrichment activity is compulsory for all Lower Sixth students. Negotiation would take place between the tutor of the chosen recreation, and the Head of Additional Support to ensure the activity can take place safely.

Independence Skills

If necessary, part of your Learning Agreement could involve developing independence skills including shopping, traveling and money management.

Exam Access Arrangements

Subject to an assessment, the college can apply for special exam considerations, please click click here for further information.