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Raise the Rate Campaign

I would like to seek your support for a national campaign aimed at increasing the level of
funding for sixth form students.

At Blackpool Sixth we passionately believe that every student deserves a first class education. But in common with school sixth forms and colleges up and down the country, funding pressures are making this increasingly difficult to provide.

Given the funding challenges we face, I hope that you can join us in supporting the Raise the Rate campaign aimed at securing two commitments from the government in the 2019 spending review. First, to raise the national funding rate for 16 to 18 year old students to at least £4,760 per year (from the current level of £4,000 per year for 16 and 17 year olds, and £3,300 for 18 year olds). And second, to raise the rate in line with inflation each year.

Our funding was cut twice after 2010 and the national funding rate has been frozen at £4,000 since 2013. Running costs have increased sharply since 2010 and this has left us with much less money to spend on the front line education of our students. A survey of school sixth forms and colleges in England conducted this year found that funding pressures had led 51% to cut courses in languages, 78% to reduce student services or extra-curricular activities and 81% to increase class sizes. Furthermore, 76% do not believe the amount of funding they will receive next year will be sufficient to provide the support required by disadvantaged students.

I do hope we can count on your support. There are lots of ways to get involved, but perhaps the most important is to write to your local MPs and secure their support for the Raise the Rate campaign. You can also sign the campaign petition here and show your support on Twitter by using the hashtag #raisetherate.

More information and resources are available on the campaign website

Thank you for your continued support.

Jill Gray