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Science Academy

Science academy is aimed at students who are studying one or more sciences but would like to look beyond the constraints of the A level specification and find out more about the impact of science in industry and research.  It aims to provide a breadth of experiences that will engage and enthuse the scientist within and affords students the opportunity to explore some ideas independently.

Entry is by application, where you will be asked to complete an application form stating your GCSE results and your reasons for wanting to be a part of science academy.

What can you expect?

Guest speakers from

Salford University

Activities include sessions on:

depending upon the interests of the scientists in the club, other sessions can be arranged.

  • Forensic analysis
  • Sport science
  • Alternative fuel technologies
  • Medical physics
  • Astronomy
  • Polymer science
  • Photoluminescence
  • Cosmetic chemistry


  • Visits to Daresbury laboratories
  • Visit to MOSI
  • Sessions at Salford University
  • Fund raising for Brian House

Other opportunities

  • Working towards a British Science association CREST award
  • Completion of an Open learn or Future learn science based course.
  • Following the year in science club, there is a special evening to celebrate the success achieved throughout the year. Our presentation evening allows students to showcase the activities that they have completed, explain the purpose of visits and discuss what they have gained from conducting an independent research project.

Over the year you will improve not only your confidence but also the following employability skills:

  • Communication
  • Team work
  • Resilience
  • Research