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Ancient hero’s story comes to Blackpool

Ancient hero’s story comes to Blackpool

Blackpool school pupils are soon to experience one of the all-time classics of world literature.  Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ about the troubled journey home from the Battle of Troy of Greek hero, Odysseus, will have a rare performance in play format at Blackpool Sixth on Wednesday 13th December 10.00 am – 11.00 am.  This version of the dramatic story, which includes encounters with mythical monsters such as the dreaded Cyclops and the mysterious Sirens, has been created by Blackpool Sixth students and staff.

Around 170 Year 8 pupils from Montgomery High School will attend this thrilling re-working of the 2,800 year old story.  

This is just the latest development in a ‘Classics for All project’ spearheaded by Blackpool Sixth which has seen local primary and secondary pupils learning Latin, taking part in Roman Army-style military training and interviewing Cleopatra.  

As well as introducing Fylde Coast youngsters to the fascinating ancient world of Greece and Rome, a key focus for this work is building their literacy and language-learning skills.  There is considerable evidence that learning Latin, often something only offered to the most privileged as part of their independent school education, can supercharge pupils ability to master their own language as well as foreign languages.

Project leader, Peter Wright, who teaches on the highly popular and successful Ancient History course at Blackpool Sixth, commented, “This is incredibly exciting.  Through ‘Classics For All’ we are opening doors to local schoolchildren to explore another world and we are also helping them gain massively important literacy skills for the future.”

There will also be an evening performance of the play for the public at 7 pm on Wednesday 13th December in the Blackpool Sixth Theatre.  This will be free of charge with donations going to local charities.   You can book a ticket here.