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Ancient Rome comes to Blackpool

Ancient Rome comes to Blackpool

Ancient Rome came to Year 6 at Westcliff Primary recently with the pupils gaining an insight into life in the mighty Roman army. The pupils also came face-to-face with some amazing archaeological finds from Roman Britain.

Westcliff Primary in Bispham is part of the Classics for All North West hub. The hub, led by Blackpool Sixth Ancient History teacher, Peter Wright, is introducing hundreds of Fylde Coast youngsters to the history, culture and language of the ancient world.

Staff at Westcliff are so taken by the project that they are introducing Latin as part of the Year 6 curriculum – aiming to further improve literacy, communication skills, raise aspirations and boost modern foreign language learning.

The afternoon of activities at the school involved a session with Roman reenactor, Marcus Nepos, who led them through an exciting practical session about life in the Roman Army. By the end of the session the pupils were marching along to Latin commands. They also had an archaeology session with David Brookhouse from Lancashire Museums who conducted an artefact handling-session with the pupils, enabling them to see at first hand items which real Romans would have used.

The pupils were clearly enthralled by the experience. Samson in Year 6 commented, ‘I enjoyed every second of the Latin session. I learnt lots of Latin words that showed me where our language comes from. My favourites were ‘salve’ (hello), ‘pilum’ (spear) and ‘gladius’ (sword) – Euge! (hooray!)’

Megan, also in Year 6 added, ‘I enjoyed every single bit when we learned to march like soldiers to the Latin commands. Thank you so much! I learnt so much.’

The Classics for All hub also includes Boundary Primary, Mereside Primary, Gateway Academy, St. John’s Primary in Poulton, Gateway Academy, Montgomery High School, Aspire Academy and Hodgson Academy.