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Asian inspired artwork created for Blackpool Zoo

Asian inspired artwork created for Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool Sixth art and design students have been immersing themselves in South Asian culture to create a stunning mural for a new visitors catering facility at Blackpool Zoo.

The seven BTEC art and design students from the lower sixth were asked to work with local street artist David Healy to help create and paint the design, giving them valuable industry experience in working with a live brief.

Mel Evans, art technician, explained: “The students first started with ideas created on a moodboard and collaborated with street artist David Healy to come up with the ideas together which formed the final mural design.

“The experience of working with a professional brief and outside clients gave the students a great insight into the world of work.

“They worked outside of college time in their study day to complete the work and created the mural over two days, incorporating a series of different influences from art and cultural symbols from Asia.”

The visitors’ seating area at the zoo is situated near the elephant enclosure.

Around 40,000 Asian elephants live in the wild across south and south-east Asia and their images often appear in the traditional art produced in that part of the world.  The wild population has declined by around 50% in the past sixty years due mainly to habitat loss and poaching.

As part of the brief students worked towards their Arts Award (bronze) which is a qualification linked to Trinity College in London. The students involved were: Molly Cairns, Alina Derozinska, Charlotte Soothill, Chloe Horricks, Aleks Pearson-Brown, Katy Shaw and Caitlin Good.

David Healy, from Infected by Design, said: “It was a great experience painting the wall. I liked the challenge of it, how rough it was and how we all just had to go for it!

“Working with the students was great fun as well. They are a good group. Very talented artists.

“Standing back afterwards and looking at what we’d done, I realised it was them that did all the more detailed work that brought the whole piece together.  

“I was most proud to have taken part in the project with them. Also I was well impressed with Alina and her use of spray paint on the focal point of the mural.  

“I felt as it was her image of an elephant we were using that it was only right that she had a go at attacking that part of the mural and she killed it!”