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Blackpool Sixth hosts International Women’s Day Celebrations

Blackpool Sixth hosts International Women’s Day Celebrations

The Blackpool based social enterprise company, The Washington Group, in partnership with Blackpool Sixth, BPM Sports and Elite Margins are holding the first International Women’s Day Festival to be held on the Fylde Coast this Saturday, 9th March.

The key aim of the event is to raise levels of self-belief and ambition in young women in the area through providing them an excellent opportunity to meet positive role models and take part in a wide range of inspirational and fun activities.

More than 450 young women are expected to attend the festival including students from Blackpool Sixth and from all Fylde Coast high schools.

There will be over fifty different workshops held on the day and visitors will also be able to enjoy musical entertainment and street food.

The event will be supported by Blackpool Sixth students working as volunteers and mentors to the younger students.  

Blackpool Sixth Principal Jill Gray, who is amongst the speakers at the event commented, “We were delighted to be approached by The Washington Group about working together on the event.  We completely support the aims of the festival and we are very confident that it will have a really positive impact on the self-confidence and aspirations of all who attend.

We are particularly pleased that our students and staff are so closely involved in making the event happen.  The experiences our students are gaining in helping to organise and run the event will be invaluable for them in their future lives and careers.

We would also like to thank the Washington Group as well as all the other businesses, organisations and individuals involved.  This kind of event shows the depth of resourcefulness and passion that there is on the Fylde Coast for improving people’s lives.  As someone who grew up in the area, I feel especially privileged to be part of the event.”

Further information about the event is available from Deborah Terras,