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Blackpool Sixth supporting Nepalese youngsters

Blackpool Sixth supporting Nepalese youngsters

The latest chapter in Blackpool Sixth’s charitable work with a school in Nepal has seen the college sponsoring the education of two young pupils.

Over recent years, in the wake of the disastrous earthquake in 2015 which claimed over 9,000 lives, Blackpool Sixth has been raising money to support a school in the country. Students and staff have made several visits to the country to help out, including with providing English lessons for the youngsters.

Many of the “Team Nepal” students involved in the work have now progressed to university but are continuing their links with the school and the country.

The latest development in the relationship between Blackpool Sixth and the school, the Shubahakmana Academy, is the sponsorship of two pupils, Upsana (aged 5) and Srijha (aged 14), helping to make sure they are able to stay in education.

Second year Blackpool Sixth student, Kayla Riley, commented,
“Nepal was definitely the most amazing experience of my life! I have many memories from my trip to Nepal but the experience that stood out the most for me was getting the opportunity to visit and teach the children at the school. I could not believe how friendly and welcoming all of the children were, every child that we taught was so enthusiastic and absolutely loved all of the activities that we had prepared for them.”

Conal Land, who has now progressed to university to study Law, reflected, “Shubhakamana Academy, in one word, is special. I am a firm believer that our life is enhanced by the experiences we encounter in this world and by the feelings and relationships we have with one another. Shubhakamana is the epitome of this mentality. From the flowers upon arrival until the tears on departure, the children who have nothing offer us everything. We are treated with smiles and songs, hugs and humour. It is these experiences that need to be reflected on. These children teach us so much about our materialistic lives. We travel to teach, but it is their optimism, pride and dedication that gives us an education. This is why Shubhakamana will always have a special place in my heart.”

Head of Social Sciences and Team Nepal Coordinator, Abby Heyes, added,

“I have been blessed to have experienced this journey on many occasions, with many people, and it cannot be put into words the unbelievable impact it has had on each and every student which has experienced the trip. At each point of this trip we are greeted by the wonderful Nepalese welcome, whether it be at the airport, Shubhakamana Academy, the Chitwan safari lodges or during visits to the households of the families that the Impact Foundation sponsors. It is the love that we feel from our friends in Nepal which inspires the trip leaders and the students, to give back to this community and support Nepalese students in their education.

Abby Heyes with Upsana.

Through the Impact Foundation we are able to sponsor children who otherwise could not afford to access education. Over the past few years we can be proud of the impact we have had on the Nepalese community, as our students have worked tirelessly hard to raise funds so that Blackpool Sixth Form College can sponsor two underprivileged children to allow them to access education.

I cannot wait to return to Nepal, and whoever has been will echo such passion for the country, Nepalese people and Shubhakamana Academy. We will continue to return and teach the young people of Nepal by focusing on improving their conversational English which will hopefully provide them with better opportunities for their future.”