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Chicago’s a sell-out success

Chicago’s a sell-out success

Blackpool Sixth’s annual musical, Chicago, is proving to be a sell-out success with audiences enjoying the latest offering from the talented performers at Blackpool Sixth.

Set in Chicago amidst the roaring 20’s, Roxie Hart, played by Kitty Harris, murders a faithless lover and convinces her hapless husband Amos (Josef Houldsworth) to take the rap until he finds out he’s been duped and turns on Roxie. Convicted and sent to death row, Roxie and another ‘Merry Murderess’ Velma Kelly (Georgia Dixon), vie for the spotlight and headlines, ultimately joining forces in search of the ‘American Dream’.. fame , fortune and acquittal!

The show also features the show-stopping singing of defence lawyer, Billy Flynn (Dan Chettoe). This sharp edged satire is supported by a dazzling musical score performed on stage by students and a professional jazz band. Katie Grace, musical theatre and drama teacher, said: “A lot of hard work has gone on behind the scenes to ensure the final performances truly demonstrate the talent of our cast.”

Please note that the show is now completely sold-out for the remaining two nights.