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Digital Arts Exhibition Showcases Students’ Work

Digital Arts Exhibition Showcases Students’ Work

Blackpool Sixth is staging its second annual Digital Arts exhibition, giving pride of place to a wide range of creative work by A level graphic design and photography students. The exhibition opened on Thursday 13th December with a private view for students, their parents and members of staff in the college’s gallery space.

The work on display is a selection from students’ coursework projects in the two subjects and it demonstrates the young artists’ combination of creative expression and technical skills.

Luke Smith who studies A Level Photography took his inspiration from Russian Constructivist art which he applied to his very striking photographs of modern buildings which he photographed on a visit to Chester.  ‘I wanted to heighten the texture, alter the light levels to make it grainy and really be subtle with colours.’ Luke plans to progress to Lancaster University to study marketing.

Luke Smith – photography

Kat Munroe, an A level Graphic Design student is displaying work from a series of illustrations produced for a children’s cookery book. She said, ‘The project is partly inspired by the Great British Bake-Off.’  She has used bright, cheerful colours and has made imaginative use of animal characters in the illustrations and in a set of sticker designs which would accompany the book. Kat is looking to study animation at university.

Kat Munroe – graphic design

Very different subject matter – the promotion of electric cars – is the focus of Mitchell Simpson’s A Level Graphic Design work in the exhibition.  Mitchell has used a technique which involves combining an array of small designs to form a larger object – in this case the engine of a polluting petrol car.  The objects within the design convey the many negative aspects of petrol vehicles, thus helping to persuade the viewer that cleaner electric vehicles are the way forward.  Mitchell has his sights set on a degree in computer science but feels that he will be able to make use of the excellent graphical skills he has developed as part of his course.

Mitchell Simpson – graphic design

Fellow graphic design student, Dans Kurjanovics, has work on display which forms part of a project based around advertising work for a high-street opticians’ chain. He is displaying a large print of a multi-coloured pineapple.  ‘I really started work on it by breaking it down into triangles, blurring the colours and changing the hues.’ Dans wants to pursue his love of graphic design at degree level, possibly at Falmouth University or Huddersfield University.

Dans Kurjanovics – graphic design

Exhibition organiser and assistant head of Visual Arts, Laura Goodinson commented, ‘The students were selected for this special exhibition on the basis of their skills and techniques. They are also all students who are targeting the very highest grades in the two subjects.  This exhibition is designed to help challenge them to further enhance their project work and it will also help them with the portfolios they are putting together for university applications. We also wanted to give the exhibition a strong digital perspective, demonstrating the diversity and appeal of digital art.”

The full list of students with work included in the exhibition is:

  • Mitchell Simpson
  • Dans Kurjanovics
  • Kat Munroe
  • George Brennan
  • Heather Stewart
  • Katie Mason
  • Abbie Horberry
  • Natasha Beatie
  • Luke Smith
  • Lauren Tugwell
  • Isobel Webster
  • Izzy Durose
  • Jenny Higgins