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A feast for the mind at Blackpool Sixth.

A feast for the mind at Blackpool Sixth.

Blackpool Sixth hosted a local Maths Feast for Year 10 students, with a menu of delicious maths puzzles to gorge on.

The Maths Feast is designed to engage high school students in problem solving and maths puzzles to stretch their knowledge and understanding in a fun way.

Pupils from Rossall, St Mary’s, Hodgson, Lytham St Annes and Aspire schools joined in the event.

Joanne Brown, head of maths at Blackpool Sixth, said: “The idea is to feed yourself with maths and students spent nearly three hours problem solving. IT was lovely to see so many students loving solving problems, keen to compete and win prizes.

“The winners were genuinely excited to win books with even more detailed maths challenges to try at home.

“It was great to have an equal amount of boys and girls competing in the five rounds, which included some light-hearted Countdown type rounds in between the starters, mains and dessert menu items!”

The pupils had to work collaboratively to solve the quite tricky tasks, including a relay round, a comprehension round and a true/false round. The feasts are designed by the Further Mathematics Support Programme (FMSP) and are hosted in colleges and schools across the UK.

The FMSP is a government-funded initiative supported by the Department for Education to encourage more students to take maths courses at A level in college.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to meet up with each other and enrich their maths activities back at school when they return,” added Ms Brown.

The winners of the competition at Blackpool Sixth were year 10 students from St Mary’s Catholic Academy.