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Film school masterclass in cinematography

Film school masterclass in cinematography

Film & Television students were treated to a masterclass from experts at Manchester Film School in a recent visit to the sixth form.

 The students were shown how to operate a high end digital film camera mounted on an industry standard track and dolly system as part of the workshop which aimed to develop their single camera skills.

They also learned more about the key industry job roles including director, first assistant director, operator, focus puller, clapper loader, continuity and grip.

The students also took on the roles of actors for the workshop.

“The students were excellent, they were keen and attentive, they had clearly been well prepared and quickly understood the basics, said Jim Grainger, director of the film school.

“It looked as if they had a good time and were a pleasure to work with.”

“Workshops like this are an invaluable way to introduce potential students to the basics of single camera production and build on the excellent work undertaken at Blackpool Sixth Form College.”

Lewis Williams, BTEC tutor said: “Course leader Jim and tutor Gareth Soens-Hughes were on had to go through what the film school could offer students before conducting a session with a professional Arri camera and dolly track.

“All students had a great time with many expressing how inspiring they had found the session.”

The film school is inviting the sixth form students to Manchester for a workshop at the university campus in their purpose built studio.