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Former student celebrates record-breaking election win

Former student celebrates record-breaking election win

A former student is celebrating being the youngest candidate to be elected to Fylde Borough Council.

Will Harris, 21, from St Annes, won his Conservative seat on the council last week and is making young people’s mental health a top priority.

A former Applied Sciences student at the sixth form, Will is currently working as a quality assurance officer for Blackpool based Perch Group.

“I am delighted to have been elected and it was a tough sell on the doorstep as people were more interested in national issues but I really wanted to make the point that I wanted to represent young people and make sure they have equal rights and a chance to speak up locally,” said Will.

“I’m here to represent everyone in my ward but I have a particular interest in mental health issues for young people and would like to work with local schools on the issues surrounding it,” Will added. “I have seen its effects on friends of mine and it is a massive thing for young people.”

In the future Will is hoping to make his mark in politics both locally and nationally and eventually has his sights set on becoming an MP for the area. His interest in politics began at a young age and whilst at the sixth form, Will was the chairperson of the town youth council in St Annes.