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Former student’s zooms in on travel adventures

Former student’s zooms in on travel adventures

Former Blackpool Sixth photographer and musician Tom Rowland is making a name for himself travelling the world with his camera.

He has returned to the college for a week as an artist in residence with the Visual Arts department, helping current students with their projects.

Tom, who still lives in Blackpool, specialises in sports and music photography and has travelled as far afield as South Korea for work.

“Photography has helped me to travel to places I wouldn’t have been able to get to and it’s given me some brilliant creative freedom,” said Tom. “I am travelling to Norway in April after gaining a place photographing the national curling championships via a competition at university.”

Tom has just graduated from the University of Lancashire and has been involved in photographic shoots with both sporting stars and musicians, including former Inspiral Carpets keyboard player, Clint Boon and rock band The Sherlocks.

“It’s fantastic having Tom back at college,” said Sabina Wray, photography teacher. “He is able to give our current students lots of creative ideas on how to achieve high grades and come up with inventive projects.”

Tom has also photographed local band Tuscan Sun, which features two former Blackpool Sixth students, Corrie Summers and Max Innes.

He is assisting students all week in photography lessons, showing students how best to use the studio space and create interesting visual effects in their work.