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Glenn Godenho Lecture

Glenn Godenho Lecture

Ancient historians were treated to a tour through the fascinating history of ancient Egypt.  From the meaning behind hieroglyphs to the famous archaeological discovery of Tutankhamun’s burial chamber.

Liverpool University’s leading Egyptologist, Glenn Godenho, led students through the long and magnificent history of ancient Egypt which eventually ended with the death of Pharaoh Cleopatra VII.  Focusing on why ancient Egypt developed the way it did and sharing recent archaeological discoveries made by the University of Liverpool, students were left in no doubt of the wonder ancient Egypt still holds today.

Lower sixth ancient history student Amber Hughes said, ‘Glenn was incredibly interesting and visibly passionate about the subject, which made it a very enjoyable lecture.’

Caolan Tominey, another lower sixth ancient historian commented, ‘It was definitely interesting! The way Glenn described his job certainly made me interested in a career in history!’

And, Bethany Wright-Graham, who is also studying ancient history, said the lecture was ‘really interesting and engaging, it’s made me seriously debate studying Egyptology at university.