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Humanities students visit Rome and Pompeii

Humanities students visit Rome and Pompeii

This June, 30 Blackpool Sixth Humanities students visited Rome and Pompeii.  A mixture of ancient ruins, awe inspiring art and vibrant modern culture, this visit had it all.

Few cities can rival the Eternal City’s astonishing artistic heritage – the city is awash with historic treasures. Walk around the centre and without even trying you’ll come across masterpieces by the giants of western art.  Students were treated to the headliners – the spectacular Colosseum, the art-filled Vatican, the 2000 year old Parthenon – as well as the numerous ancient sculptures and sites dotted around the city.

The last day the group visited Pompeii – the most important Roman archaeological site anywhere in the world.  Wandering the ancient ruins of a once prosperous Roman town, students were able to see the effects of the 79AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius at first hand.

Lower Sixth modern and ancient history student Luke Vann commented: ‘ An unforgettable and eventful trip, meeting new people and high spirits really makes you want to go again to relive it. What i most enjoyed was walking round Rome itself and being given free time to explore for yourself with friends. Also, its a good experience no matter if you’re studying modern or ancient history as Rome has links to both.