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Inspirational Michelle Obama talk empowers Zan

Inspirational Michelle Obama talk empowers Zan

COMPETITION winner Zan Choudhury says her visit to London to listen to Michelle Obama’s talk was ‘truly inspirational’.

Zan, in the lower sixth, was the winner of the competition organised by former Blackpool Sixth student Sophie Tew, to visit London and listen to Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ book tour last month.

Sophie is currently studying at Leeds University and is president of the university’s ‘women in leadership society’. She offered a ticket to the event to a current student.

“I wrote a short piece saying why I would benefit from being able to see Michelle Obama,” explained Zan. “I talked about how we are both women of colour and both have suffered hardships in our life and how being able to see her in real life would be beneficial.

“She was truly inspirational as even when she was suffering, she carried on,” said Zan.

Sophie, who accompanied Zan to the event, said: “Listening to Michelle Obama, the most educated First Lady and a powerful woman in her own right was an experience Zan and I will never forget.

“The event was fuelled by hope and faith in young people to be the next change makers of the world, Zan and I barely stopped beaming or clapping.

“I took the opportunity to scribble some of Michelle’s words down into a notebook, one message that will always stay with me is that ‘We have lived through tougher times with more to fear.

‘We have live through slavery, the Holocaust and segregation and we’ve always come out on the other end stronger and better’, this message, along with numerous others, will always be there to remind me that we have to get up and contribute to making society a better place.”