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Introducing our new student council representatives

Introducing our new student council representatives

Our new student council representatives are celebrating their roles for the new academic year.

James Farrow is the new chair of the student council and Sian Montgomery is the vice chair.

It’s been simply incredible seeing our student council grow to the biggest it’s ever been this year and I’m honoured to have been given this opportunity to lead it,” said James. “Too often young people are stereotyped as not caring about politics so seeing so many commit to this election was just amazing.

“Whether it was by designing posters, emailing me about an issue that mattered to you, or simply putting your faith in me when you voted, a huge thank you has to go out to everyone who supported me.

“But whether I earned your vote or not, I promise that I will make this coming year something every student in our college can be proud of.”

Sian said: “The elections were fairly nerve wracking but brilliant fun as all the candidates were do warm and supportive of one another.

“I am thrilled and thankful to be Blackpool Sixth’s vice chair for 2019/20, with the aim of getting students more involved in what happens with their education as being the next generation it’s our choices that matter.

“Primarily I plan to work alongside James to extinguish stigmas surrounding male mental health and improving the accessibility of opportunities for all students.”

James added: “I can’t wait to start work with Sian, the members of this year’s council staying on next year and the fresh faces coming in September as we tackle a whole host of issues.

“Top of the agenda will be vastly expanding our initiative to combat exam stress as well as establishing a food pricing system that works for everyone.

“We’re also excited to begin a new charity affiliation scheme which will see our students make a bigger difference in our local community than ever before and also organise a number events that will really showcase the strengths of our college community.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that together we will make this coming year better than ever before.”

Over 80% of students voted in the student council elections, which mimicked a real voting experience, using polling booths and a ballot box from Blackpool Council.