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Jurassic Sixth

Jurassic Sixth

Blackpool Sixth staff and students had a surprise visitor yesterday in the form of a 17 foot high survivor from the age of the dinosaurs.  

The dinosaur, a walking and roaring Tyrannosaurus rex replica will strode around the college courtyard as part of a launch event for a creative writing assignment for the college’s GCSE English resit students.  


The students will be reading the science fiction classic short story ‘A Sound of Thunder’ by Ray Bradbury which features some time-travelling adventurers and their encounter with a T. Rex.  The story explores the implications of seemingly small actions in the present on the way in which the future unfolds.

Students will also take inspiration from the success of Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park novels and the blockbuster film franchise based on the novels.

Also in attendance when the T-rex arrived was a group of delighted primary children from Gateway Academy who are studying dinosaurs in school.

The amazingly life-like dinosaur was supplied by local company, Big Foot Events.

Blackpool Sixth student, Eve Downey who helped put on a workshop for the primary children as part of their visit, said,  “It was a fun and interesting experience working with the primary school children. We learnt a lot about dinosaurs ourselves. It was a really enjoyable day and I would love to get involved in a project like this again.”

Gateway pupil JayJay commented,  “I thought the dinosaur was fun and a bit scary. I really enjoyed the dinosaur quiz, we did really well because I know lots about dinosaurs.”

Head of English and Modern Foreign Languages at Blackpool Sixth, Estelle Bellamy, commented, “We like to find different ways to inspire our students with their writing and we felt that getting in a T-rex would be a great way of firing up their imaginations.  We are also really pleased that the Gateway pupils were able to join us for this unique event, as we hope it will be something very memorable for them.”

As well as a selection of over 50 A levels and advanced level BTEC qualifications, Blackpool Sixth offers a Route3 programme which is a three-year pathway to advanced level qualifications.  This is aimed at students who need a further year after leaving school to improve their English, maths as well as obtaining other GCSE-equivalent qualifications.