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Leading academic’s visit to celebrate Latin links

Leading academic’s visit to celebrate Latin links

Aristotle may not be your first thought when thinking about modern life, but leading classics scholar Edith Hall has been showing students how Aristotle is just as relevant now as in ancient times.

Professor Hall, from Kings College, London, gave a lecture at Blackpool Sixth students on the importance of Aristotle to our lives today.

It formed part of a visit to the area celebrating the work of the Blackpool Classics for All project, bringing Latin to students across the age ranges from primary to sixth form level.

Sixth form students studying classics and religion, ethics and philosophy, listened to the Aristotle lecture, alongside students visiting from Carr Hill High School.

“It’s fantastic that such a high profile academic such as Professor Hall recognises the success of the Blackpool Classics for All hub and that we are getting some national recognition of the relevance of the ancient language to literacy and understanding of language in the modern era,” said Pete Wright, Classics teacher and co-ordinator of the hub.

Professor Hall also visited St John’s RC Primary School in Poulton, to watch a pupils perform  the fable Androcles and the Lion in Latin, showing how successful the scheme has been. There are currently six local primary schools involved in the hub which aims to develop language skills in preparation for secondary school.