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Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts visit

Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts visit

On 19th June performing arts, dance, musical theatre and drama students visited the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) to sample life at one of the UK’s leading performance schools.

Blackpool Sixth students all sampled workshops in acting, dance and singing and met staff and current students, having the chance to quiz them about studying and working in the performance industry. 

The day was a great success, with students describing the workshops as ‘challenging’ and ‘great fun’ – even a fire alarm couldn’t stop Blackpool Sixth singing, with the lesson carrying on outside over the sound of the sirens!  

LIPA principle and CEO Mark Featherstone-Witty discussed with staff the importance of the creative industries to the UK economy with over 1 in every 11 jobs belonging to ‘a creative worker’ and we hope this visit might be a stepping stone to a few more of our learners finding the sort of future they want. 

Course tutor Matt Jones said “It’s really important that learners have the chance to see the sort of places they could study and to experience this sort of day – it helps them know what choices are in front of them and hopefully makes it a bit less daunting going round the country to auditions” 

Performing Arts student Malika Banham said “The day really opened my eyes up to what studying Performing Arts further might involve” Fellow students Rebecca Joyce and Holly Ross both enjoyed the acting “it was really different to what we were expecting, I wasn’t looking forward to it but I actually really enjoyed it.” Drama student Christopher Coverley said “It was a great day, really helpful staff, lovely environment and facilities and really challenging activities.