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Moving Memorial Lecture

Moving Memorial Lecture

Blackpool Sixth’s annual Memorial Lecture focused on the dangers of aggressive behaviour and the impact acts of violence have on individuals and whole communities.

The speakers were Dave and Tim Rogers of the charity ‘Every Action Has Consequences’.

Dave’s son (and Tim’s brother), Adam Rogers, was tragically killed in Blackburn town centre on 5th July 2009 as a consequence of acting as a peacemaker, trying to stop a fight developing. Adam was punched and knocked out meaning that he was unable to break his fall. His head hit the ground and he later died in hospital.

In May of the following year, his family launched a major anti-violence campaign in memory of their son. They set up the charity Every Action Has Consequences.

Tim took the audience of students, staff and members of the local community through the harrowing details of the events leading up to his brother’s death.  He did so to illustrate how a series of poor decisions and a lack of responsibility led to the completely preventable loss of his kind and loving brother, ‘who always put other people before himself’.  As in many cases of violence, alcohol had been a key factor in fuelling the aggression.

He also discussed how Adam having signed up for organ donation meant that after his death five people were able to have life-saving operations.  

Dave spoke about the process of ‘restorative justice’ which led to him meeting the young man who had killed his son and how this had led to the man taking some measure of personal responsibility for his actions and their terrible consequences, something which had not happened at the trial.

The Every Action Has Consequences charity are involved in an enormous amount of educational work, especially with children and young people to spread the message that everyone needs to take responsibility for keeping others safe.  

At the end of the talk, Assistant Principal, Tina Cooper, thanked both Dave and Tim for their bravery in sharing this traumatic story and for their work to ‘improve lives’ with their key messages and educational projects.

Further information about the charity is available here.

The Memorial Lecture is supported by the Trustees of the Blackpool Grammar School War Memorial Foundation. The Foundation was established in memory of those old boys of Blackpool Grammar who fell in the two World Wars and remembers former pupils who have fallen in later conflicts.