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Question Time 2018

Question Time 2018

On Friday 4th May, Blackpool Sixth students were given the opportunity to ask their questions to local candidates at a ” event organised by the college’s politics society.

On the panel were Chris Webb of Labour, Sam Currie of the Conservatives and John Warnock of the Green Party.

Hosted by our very own Lower Sixth student Jake Cuthbertson, and in front of a packed theatre, the local politicians were questioned by the audience on a whole range of local, national and international issues. Topics included the regeneration of Blackpool, the war in Syria and the proposed visit of Donald Trump to the UK.

Upper Sixth student Max White said  ‘The Question Time event was an amazing opportunity for students to ask local political candidates important questions, just by the sheer amount of students that attended this years Question Time, with no significant political event like the General Election from last year, shows how the Question Time is allowing the student body to be increasingly interested and involved in politics.’

Lower Sixth student Matthew Rowe commented: ‘This year’s Question Time event was an excellent coverage of many important issues, all of which submitted by students. I think it was a fantastic opportunity to observe all sides of the debate, on issues from Brexit to the importance of the monarchy. An overwhelming success indeed, owing to the excellent preparation made by the Politics Society and the Student Council collectively.”

Lower Sixth student Sofia Raseta said: “It was a unique opportunity that really made me realise how many young people are interested in politics and how communicating with our local politicians is so important.