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Redesigned college magazine wins national Shine award

Redesigned college magazine wins national Shine award

The award-winning Sixth Sense college magazine  at Blackpool Sixth has scooped another Shine School Media award, this time for its online homepage.

The magazine is now an online publication and the editorial team has won the prize for best homepage design and quality of writing, sponsored by Immediate Media.

Rebecca Welch, English tutor, said: “This year we had a complete redesign of the magazine and made the decision to become an entirely online magazine for environmental reasons and to suit the changes in the industry as a whole. 

“Elizabeth Hay and Melissa Sutcliffe acted as joint editors to recreate Sixth Sense. They have built a very strong team of writers who also have a real talent and eye for design too. 

“They have written about a wide variety of social issues such as politics, gender and technology. They have also written some fantastic pieces of culture ranging from music to films, books and television.

“I am confident that the magazine will go from strength to strength and continue to gain recognition in the years ahead.”

You can read Sixth Sense online here: