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Poulton St Chad’s Primary celebrates the power of music

Poulton St Chad’s Primary celebrates the power of music

An exciting recording collaboration between Blackpool Sixth students and schoolchildren from Poulton St Chad’s CofE Primary is highlighting the powerful impact of music on education.

Staff and students from Blackpool Sixth helped the youngsters record a CD, Reach for the Stars, to raise funds for St Chad’s Primary. The sixth formers were involved in recording the songs, capturing photos and video footage and designing artwork for the CD and promotional video. 

Ash Goodinson, music tutor at Blackpool Sixth said: “It’s an amazing thing to see when you’ve got youngsters from four years’ old working alongside young people to produce a product.

“Students were putting their skills into a life brief just like in a real industry setting and it has created a real sense of community across the ages.

“It’s the instant effect that music has on everybody’s lives. The young people from St Chad’s experienced music as a vehicle to develop every aspect of their education, with things like maths embedded through counting rhythms and beats.

“It has developed students both socially and academically and everyone was fully engaged in the project across the school. 

“I really want to raise awareness and embed an understanding of how music can transform children’s lives.”

Jan Potter, headteacher at St Chad’s, said: “It was a fantastic experience for our pupils, they have loved working with the sixth form students and for them it felt very professional.

“Music is so important in education, it allows children to shine in a different curriculum area and they can express themselves. 

“They develop so many skills via music such as listening skills and concentration and also working in a team with others.

“The monies raised from the CD will help so much with funding as well.”

The sixth formers involved in the project were: musical facilitator Eve Moore; music production, Toby Dixon, Abbie Gresty, Munro Ashton; media production: Marcus Ayrton, Max Leeming; photography, Tom Callaghan;  graphics Dans Kurjanovics.

You can download the order form for the CD here: