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Summer school inspires university dreams

Summer school inspires university dreams

Blackpool Sixth student Keiran Mitchell is off to Yale University this summer to experience life in higher education with a view to applying to an American college next year.

Keiran is visiting the States as part of the Sutton Trust’s programme to engage students from a variety of backgrounds to see the benefits of a university education. He was chosen as one of the 150 program scholars from across the UK to join the summer school.

“I’ll be applying to American universities in November and January and so I’m going over there for a week to look at universities across the east coast of America, to get a feel for their varied characters and surroundings,” explained Keiran. “There’s a big college fair in Harvard that I’ll be attending on my first day.”

Keiran, a former Cardinal Allen student, is part of the college’s excellence programme and is studying French, modern history and English literature A Levels.

The wider focus on all subjects in the first year of American colleges appeals to Keiran as it gives students a wider introduction at the start of their degree.

“I was urged to apply when Gemma Collins, a former Blackpool Sixth student, came into college to talk about the Sutton trust US program – she now goes to Harvard,” said Keiran. “I didn’t want to choose a specialist subject just yet and the four year degree really appeals because of this.”

Keiran is going to pass on his knowledge of the American system to students at the college in September.