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Visual arts visit Morocco

Visual arts visit Morocco

A group of Blackpool Sixth visual arts students sampled the sights of Morocco recently. Both Upper and Lower Sixth students (studying photography, graphics, art and textiles) have immersed themselves in the Moroccan culture, gathering inspiration for their studies, exams and final projects.

During the visual arts visit to Morocco, staff and students were led by a tour guide, Hassan. Hassan ensured that students enjoyed some key cultural highlights that Morocco had to offer, including a night-time horse and carriage ride through Marrakech, climbing the 2000m Asni mountain, located in the Atlas mountain range and indulged in the traditional Moroccan cuisine, with a tagine lunch overlooking the mountains. The visual arts students also got the opportunity to hold baby goats and learnt about the production of aragon oil. They then explored the souks and saw monkey trainers and snake charmers plying their trade. The students then enjoyed a well-deserved ice cream treat, whilst visiting the white and blue fishing port of Essaouira, and exploring the town’s array of tiny streets. Finally, the trip’s biggest highlight was a chance to ride on camelback through the palm trees of Morocco.

The fashion students visited Yves St Laurent’s house and soaked up the opportunity to see the fabulous sparkling jewellery, whilst the photography students strolled and photographed the beautiful yellow and blue Jardin Majorelle gardens.

Blackpool Sixth staff member, Sabine Wray said, “What a fantastic experience for our students, we could have been prouder with how they conducted themselves and how they represented the Blackpool Sixth.”

Our Moroccan guide, Hassan, said, “The group was the best I’ve ever had and Blackpool Sixth should be so proud of its students!”

From the visual arts trip to Morocco, all Upper and Lower Sixth students have gained some vital life skills, that will reach further than their A levels qualifications, but will stay with them for a lifetime.”

Below is a gallery of images taken from the visual arts’ exploration through Morocco.