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Would be medics get a taste of anatomy class

Would be medics get a taste of anatomy class

STUDENTS from across the Fylde experienced a unique event when they dissected body parts in the Prepare a Doctor day at The Blackpool Sixth Form College.

The day long course gave students an experience they won’t forget, dissecting animal parts to further their understanding of human anatomy and pathology. The unique teaching experience was organised by Operating Theatre Live, who hope to inspire future medics, vets and dentists.

“We felt that the practical aspect of experiencing real dissection was lacking so much in schools and this gives students a great opportunity to get hands on,” explained Jo Sheldon, from Operating Theatre Live.

“Only five medical universities in the country offer dissection on human cadavers in medical training and often students learn most of their understanding from textbooks.

“This really engages students to see anatomy close up and learn in a practical way they don’t often get to do.”

Students have been learning in detail about anaesthetics and principles of anatomy, dissecting animal parts, including head, heart and lungs.

Blackpool Sixth student, Emily Garbett from the lower sixth, said: “It gives you a lot of experience and it’s quite an interesting insight getting stuck into the practical aspect.”

“It’s a fun experience and it’s the first time time I’ve done something like this this and it’s interesting to see how everything looks under the skin.”

Zan Choudhury, from the lower sixth, said: “It’s a surprise how visceral it is and how hands on it is. It’s really focused me to want to study medicine at university.”

“It’s all great fun and it’s a big learning experience,” said Joel Chesters, from Ripley St Thomas School, Lancaster.

“It’s not something you get to do every day,” said Joshua Wilde, from Baines School, Poulton.