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Cashless System

Blackpool Sixth has recently introduced a new Cashless System for the catering services

This cashless service allows for a faster and much more efficient way for the students to purchase their products. The system allows you to add credit to your child’s account online.  This credit can then be spent at a till using the fingerprint system, or alternatively by entering their own unique code.

With this system, we also give the opportunity for parents/guardians to view what their son or daughter has been eating within the canteen. If a student is entitled to free lunches the credit will automatically be added to their account during the lunchtime service.

In order to use this service please visit Vericool’s Website and follow these instructions to set up your account and begin using the system.

  • Select the green button ‘Setup Account’
  • Enter the Portal Code E.G BP12345 and select ‘Enter’
  • On the next page you’ll need to enter your email address and password. Please Note that the email address and password fields (boxes) are case sensitive meaning if you type with the ‘Caps Lock’  key turned on every time when you log into the system you will need to type exactly how you had registered.
  • Once you’ve entered your email address and password select ‘Submit’

The browsers will need to have Java enabled in order to go through this process, to download Java please click here.

For any further questions or difficulties please email: or telephone the Vericool Help Desk at 0845 838 2420.